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The Origin of Caipirinha

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Thanks for taking the time to visit I guess a caipirinha site would not be complete without first talking about how caipirinha was invented in the first place. In this article, we will learn a bit about the history of Caipirinha and how it became known worldwide as the typical cocktail of Brazil.

Caipirinha is believed to have originated in the state of São Paulo towards the end of World War I. It’s original recipe consisted of cachaça, green lemon, honey, and garlic and was initially prepared as a medicine to ease the effects of the Spanish Flu. The green lemon was used for its high concentration of vitamin C and cachaça contained the alcohol needed to expedite the absorption of the vitamins into the organism.

Sometime, somewhere, someone decided to replace honey and garlic with sugar and ice, and thus the modern-day caipirinha was born. In those days, most of Brazil’s cachaça production was concentrated around the inland town of Piracicaba, where the habit of drinking caipirinha had originally begun. As soon as the novelty drink reached the much larger port-town of Santos, it was baptized with the name of “caipirinha”. In Brazilian Portuguese, “caipira” is a term given to describe peasants of the inland; someone who is not accustomed to life in the big city. The word “caipirinha” literally means “small caipira” or “little peasant”.

With time, caipirinha began to spread throughout Brazil, but it wasn’t until 1922 that it went global. In that year, Brazilian modernists selected caipirinha to serve as the official drink of Brazil in an international event called Modern Art Week. From then on, the recipe was taken to Paris by French modernists and took on the world.

Despite its huge popularity, it wasn’t until recently that caipirinha was officiated as an official Brazilian drink. In 2003, the elected President  Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (commonly known as Lula), passed a law to turn caipirinha into the official drink of Brazil and standardized the recipe under Law number 4.851 of 01.10.2003. You can view the original caipirinha recipe here.

Today, caipirinha continues to be huge in Brazil. Just go to any family barbecue and you will most likely be witness to a true caipirinha battle – as every guy will try to convince you that his caipirinha is the best. This “caipirinha fever”, driven by the creative spirit of the Brazilian people and facilitated by the huge varieties of fruits found grown in Brazil, has resulted in an immense amount of different caipirinha recipes.

So now you know all about caipirinha and how it spread all over the world. It is not only an interesting fact, it is also a great story to tell friends while showing off your caipirinha skills. Feel free to browse the website and try all of our delicious and exotic caipirinha recipes.